Cavallino Treporti and much more! Besides our unique littoral, other sightseeing can be enjoyed from guests in Ca’ Berton Village.We will be glad to give you any necessary indications to visit the interesting sites next to our littoral!

Venice and its Lido defy description. A wonderful place to visit any time of year.
Burano is a typical fishing village built on four small islands in the lagoon connected by bridges. One of the main features of the island is the brightly coloured houses, all painted in different colours: a tradition which probably stems from wanting to brighten up the cold, damp, foggy winter climate.
Murano is an island on the Venetian lagoon, north-east of Venice, situated along the canale dei Marani. Just like Venice, it is made up of seven smaller islands, two of which are artificial, divided by canals and rii (side canals in Venetian dialect) but connected by bridges. It is completely urbanised, with a population of about 5,500. The island is famous all over the world for its centuries-old art of glassmaking.
Here you will find a hundred and one opportunities for relaxing and enjoying yourself. There are plenty of other things for you to do if you don’t fancy swimming or lazing about on the beach.
More famous perhaps as the city of St. Anthony, Padua is one of Italy’s most famous art cities, with a history which goes back 3000 years. As far back as the 4th century B.C., Patavium, as it was known then, was a major settlement of the Veneti, and became one of the most prosperous cities of the Roman Empire. Unfortunately only the ruins of the great amphitheatre, a few bridges and the precious relics preserved in the Museo Civico remain from that time
Often compared to nearby Venice because of the numerous rivers and canals flowing through it and which provide delightful, charming views, Treviso can still be recognised by the description of it made by its famous citizen, Giovanni Comisso, who defined it as “a gentle Medieval structure in a bizarre interplay with the clear waters of the rivers flowing through it and which neither the destruction of war or men’s bad taste have succeeded in changing”.
Asolo, “The City of a Hundred Horizons” deserves a thorough visit. Built as a stronghold on the last of a series of hills, the town is permeated with a magical atmosphere: the Rocca (castle), Casa Longobarda, the Cathedral, the Loggia del Capitano, its Venetian palaces and villas surrounded by parks and gardens. Famous for its concert seasons, antique markets and events of all kinds organised throughout the year.

Ca’Berton Village is a village with animation for children and adults. Would you like to enjoy the sea, the sun and the nature in Cavallino Treporti, without worrying about your children? Our Mini Club is the solution!
Ca’ Berton Village is very attentive to entertain the little guests.
The expert and trained animation team, will take care of them at the Mini Club during your holiday. A rich program of entertainment activities that will take  place in the golden beach of Cavallino Treporti and inside the Village in the Mini Club area, with many activities in different moments of the day.
Ca’ Berton Village is the ideal Village families with children in Cavallino, near Jesolo, for a thoughtless holiday for big and little ones.
A wide choice of games and entertainment activities, sports and cheer moments: games with sand, painting and colors for the quiet moments, sports activities for the most lively ones and the evening baby dance to end the day, dancing and singing together. So many chances for your children to enjoy funny time, to socialize and have fun, while you are enjoying the relax you deserve.

A Summer to remember, a Summer in our Village with Mini Club in Cavallino, near Jesolo. Ca’ Berton is the Village in Cavallino Treporti for big and small ones!




Starting from a tasty entry, choosing between pasta, risottos, typical Italian and Venetian dishes, to the special desserts, prepared in order to pamper your palate. Those who prefere fish, meat or vegetarian dishes, have the possibility to taste dishes from the rich Venetian cooking tradition.

A delightful breakfast with fresh baked croissants, a light lunch during the break from the beach, or a rich one to give you the right energy, a dinner in good company to end the day.

Not to be missed the pizzas, made from high quality ingredients. A wide selection of delicious pizzas is available to you, all this in a cozy familiar atmosphere, with a cheerful kidsplay area.

Do you prefer to taste local dainties in the quiet of your bungalow or mobile home? There is a rich take away menu for every taste, to be enjoyed in your holiday accommodation in Cavallino Treporti.

Ca’ Berton is a village in Cavallino, provided with restaurant, that cannot be missed on your holiday.



A wide choice of local or outside products at disposal. Fresh bread every morning, hot croissants, milk and any necessary kind of food are available at the daily served supermarket.

Opening times: 07.00-13.00/15.30-22.00





Much more than just a wine bar, the Uo.Zu.La. is situated in the commercial street of Ca’ Berton. It is the right place to match the traditional and healthy cooking with a delicious wine.
A unique eno-gastronomic land, with products cultivated in fields kissed by the sea and the lagoon, thus distinguishing them for their peculiarities and tastes. A land of renowned wine cellars from the surrounding area of Cavallino Treporti.
Choosing from a wide wine list, you will have the chance to taste an excellent wine or to buy a bottle to be enjoyed once at home, as a memory of a special holiday.
A cheerful break in the Wine Bar of the Village, drinking in company, while the children are enjoying an ice cream or playing in the children area, accompanied by the owners Gianni and Nella. It can also be an occasion to spend the after dinner in a funny way, without having to move the car.

Wine bar opening times 08.00 – 02.00




From our land, rich in delicacies of various species, we offer a wide choice of first quality fruits and vegetables.

From garden to table, ready to be enjoyed!
A high quality production of vegetables and fruits, genuine and healthy, 0 kilometres.
A unique taste given from the peculiarity of our territory that is kissed by both the sea water and the brackish lagoon water.
Tomatoes, aubergines, zucchini, artichokes, peppers, lettuce are just a small part of the vegetables available at your green grocer’s.

A fresh break just after the beach, or a healthy snack to be tasted under the sun umbrella.

The green grocer’s has the following openings hours: 08.00 am – 10.00 pm every day.



A funny corner for every age, the play area of the Village, well equipped with plenty of video games and entertainment devices, is an occasion to have fun in the free time.

Are children getting bored or whining while you are waiting for dinner, watching the match of your favourite team, strolling or doing some shopping in the commercial area? Find out the game room of Ca’ Berton Village in Cavallino Treporti.
That is the solution to enjoy yourself: videogames for video games lovers, small carousels for the little ones and, an amusing track with cars where your children can play as pilots with the new baby cars. Lets’ start a news exciting challenge!
In the commercial street, next to the entrance and the play ground of the village, the game room in Ca’ Berton Village, for your holiday in Cavallino Treporti.