Cavallino Treporti

The Cavallino Treporti coast is a long and fertile peninsula located in an exclusive position between sea and lagoon that attracts people for the variety of its landscape and for the genuine hospitality of its inhabitants.
Its long golden beach, the pine forest, the farms and the fascinating lagoon landscape with its canals, salt marshes, mud flats and fish farms.
In the background, waters are mirroring the magic colours of sun rise and sun sets with the elegant profile of Venice, in all its charm.
Situated between Venice and Jesolo, it is a rich and fertile land that has allowed the development of a traditional cooking with the excellent quality of horticultural production and the abundance of fish in the fish farms and in the waters off the coast. The Natural Park of Cavallino Treporti can be lived and admired sailing through the canals, walking or by bicycle, along the various bike itineraries.

The typical Fauna and flora complete the atmosphere, not to forget the historic cultural heritage that has been recently re-discovered and valorized. The project “Via dei Forti” has been developed in the last years exploiting the memories connected to the First World War.

The sandy beach slopes gently toward the clean sea is ideal for families as it fulfils everyone’s needs.
It has been awarded the European Blue Flag since 2006 because of the management, environmental education, water quality, equipment, services and security that distinguish it.
Cavallino Treporti is the right destination for families and those who look for an echo sustainable holiday.