Much more than just a wine bar, the Uo.Zu.La. is situated in the commercial street of Ca’ Berton. It is the right place to match the traditional and healthy cooking with a delicious wine.
A unique eno-gastronomic land, with products cultivated in fields kissed by the sea and the lagoon, thus distinguishing them for their peculiarities and tastes. A land of renowned wine cellars from the surrounding area of Cavallino Treporti.
Choosing from a wide wine list, you will have the chance to taste an excellent wine or to buy a bottle to be enjoyed once at home, as a memory of a special holiday.
A cheerful break in the Wine Bar of the Village, drinking in company, while the children are enjoying an ice cream or playing in the children area, accompanied by the owners Gianni and Nella. It can also be an occasion to spend the after dinner in a funny way, without having to move the car.

Wine bar opening times 08.00 – 02.00